Romano Drom,, was our template as we gathered together the best DJ's and musicians from Etchno and Eastern Europe to go at the supercharged melodies and vocals of Anti, Gojma, Joco and Csika.


Romano Trip was a GypsyHouse Entertainment (my company) and
a Vimos Vajdai collaboration.

It was the third installment of the new sound I embarked on creating
3 albums ago and 2 years on. 

Nobody was doing what we were doing, mixing Gypsy folk with
dance, drum n bass and techno.

Samples    04  emil - Deta Devla               06 Space Cafe - York napsutese           07 Psuedo System -  kon ka mel pe          
Balkan Fanatik - 2002

Yorgos and Lepe were two turned on dudes and it was full throttle  being a part of the birth of Balkan Fanatik,

Yorgos is a bit of a madman and one hell of a musician while Lepe is a mixing/arranging/sound tech genius.

We went full at it, recorded the demo under my label GypsyHouse Entertainment and then Warner Bros picked it up.  Having Warner's come in at that time was fortuidous, and they opened us up to
venues on TV and radio that would have been difficult for us to break into independently. 

ETCHNO - 2002

Thanks to actor/DJ/theatre director Villi Vajdai, Etchno kicked off the whole folk/electronic music craze in Europe.

We had a lot of fun with this one, getting everyone together, I started up the label, paid for the album, took care of the distribution, marketing, producing, whatever it took to make sure a record is made and played.

Etchno was the birth of Hungarian folk mixed with drum n bass and techno.  It started a bit of a new wave, didn't do near as well as Romano Trip, but it laid the ground work for it. 

Etchno was licensed all over the shop, from Buddha Bar and Trans Global Underground to all those cool cats we just gave it away to.

I also sponsored a travelling theatrical performance of the album on stage that Villi directed.  It was fun times.