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MONKEY ME, the novel, is a journey about a young man who embarks on an epic adventure as he attempts to differentiate between what are his own thoughts and what are the thoughts that society has programmed into him.

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ETCHNO, the first collaboration between Zach LeBeau, Vilmos Vajdai and Eastern Europe's most talented DJs.


TIMELAKE: Feb. 2011

Having just viewed it, I'm left amazed by "The Scientist". It's a mature work of science-fiction, well-earning, well-deserving of respectful praise from serious-minded devotees of this genres, I render it being one myself.

It has been poised to be a thought provoking work, by all involved with it, as evident by the stellar performance of every actor - main and supportive. Yes, this movie is different and unique, as we all are - no more, no less - each of us deserving of respect for having survived mediocrity as long as we have! What this movie has evoked in me will perhaps not have been evoked in someone else. Only because we each are 'timed' differently; I'm making no inference to anything judgmentally qualitative by the way. Simply put, as individual as our perspectives in Life are, so are our levels of awareness - They're unique to our timing of our appearance on Earth. As eluded to by this film's premise, our levels of awareness - as individuals - is and has been dependent upon what we have come to experience in Life. So we all are left only to draw from our experiences in Life, such insight and perspective, as only our minds can wrap around and what our hearts can afford to relate to. And so this insight becomes an integral part of our consciousness - emoting and sustaining us through each day's journey in Life.

In "The Scientist", the main character's personal tragedy and loss plunged him into a vastness, void of purpose. Rendering him hopeless while mired in the pit of his despair, only to froth forth cruel retorts to those who dare fain understanding his scientific mindset. Yet, he's not rendered helpless, for as a scientist, his open-mindedness as one inclines him toward exploration of the 'unknown' with every unusual jolt he receives. And as we see, while in the quiescence of this darkness of despair, his mind refusing to be immobilized, then comes alive, eager to discern. He survives his own suicide attempt only to hauntingly realize, upon successfully discharging his weapon seconds later, that there must be some other 'energy' at work in his life at the very moment he first pulled the trigger. As a scientist, this and other subtleties of Fate he becomes conscious of, re-focus him. Expressed well by the actor's portrayal throughout the movie, his character's facial expression speaks silent volumes of this awareness. So that if his character were given a line more to speak, his character would say "...I haven't taken leave of my senses. I've come to them!" (Ebenezer,'Scrooge').

Though his mind was overwhelmed with grievous anger beforehand, his self-destructive behavior ceases and he allows his realization of interceding Fate to lead. His scientific mind begins to explore the possibility of alternate realms of consciousness - perhaps one where not only hope resides, but also his wife and child. This science fiction movie dares us to delve into this abyss of the unknown without scripted lines manufactured to guide us further. Albeit with understated reverence for the unknown, the movie encourages us to believe in this scientist's revelations and journey with him. And with all such invites, allegorical or historical, whether written in antiquity or not, they - as they must - be silent while hosting our personal journey. For each of us will only dismiss any verbalized attempts to guide us, as is our arrogance by our own human nature. Instead, we must be allowed to, be left to listen for that inner voice that we each eventually come to hear, albeit in time. That unique voice from the depth of our very own consciousness. The only one we should trust as we each become more intimate with the Unknown.

I don't have what is needed to leave you, the reader, more invited to attempt such openness of mind, as to even sojourn such depth. I only have enough Life experience to know that there is more than what I - perhaps others too - have come to see and think possible. To the point, I sincerely applaud "The Scientist" for it's bravery of screenplay and for it's extremely well thoughtout script,...for what was said and for what was left unsaid. What this movies lacks is only the exposure to more viewers, that they may be inspired to explore their consciousness and be provoked to think beyond. Thanks to all of this movie's acting and production team for their engaged persistence in the belief that there is more for us all to realize,... albeit in time.